Modifications in Online CAT 2017 This Year

This year too, there will be computer systems designated to each trainee standing for the CAT exam. You do not have to bring documents and pencil to mark the proper responses. No significant modification in the pattern of exam has actually been mentioned by the IIMs.

The IIMs management group has actually likewise chosen to continue their agreement with Prometric, the US-based screening company responsible for looking after arranging the online 2017 CAT exam. For this years exam, Prometric is stated to participate in an agreement with NIIT for dealing with the exam centers and supplying the required assistance needed for the smooth running of CAT. Considerable actions will be required to safeguard the system from any infection attack, which candidates needed to handle the last time CAT was performed.


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With big scale technical problems and server crash that happened throughout the very first online CAT exam in 2017, both the IIMs of Lucknow and Calcutta have actually chosen to generate some modifications with respect to this year’s (2017) CAT evaluation procedure. Lucknow and Calcutta IIMs have actually got the obligation to carry out the entryway exam of 2017 compared with in 2017 when IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore was offered this duty.

In 2017, due to computer system crashing, numerous trainees might not offer the test and as a result, the IIMs needed to take a re-test on January 30 and 31 for about 11,000 prospects. This occurrence produced a severe concern regarding whether it is practical to carry out the next CAT online Exam? The IIMs professors has actually ensured whatever is effectively examined upon to make this year’s CAT perfect.


All the test centers will be offered a 15-days time to look at their system compatibility and at the same time the centers should guarantee all screening activities remain in location so regarding prevent problems.

Similar to CAT 2017, this year likewise, the CAT examinees can pick a test date, early morning or afternoon session, and location throughout all its 30 cities in India where the exam is to be held.

The IIMs have actually purchased the CAT customer service to consist of individuals experienceded in English and Hindi. Throughout the CAT 2017, technical breaks will likewise be given up between the exam schedule.

The IIMs administrative personnel mentioned that in 2017’s CAT went terribly incorrect, given that it was the first time that they have actually taken the test online. The personnel guarantees to make this year’s CAT error-free by resolving the issues that took place in 2017.

Kaushik Kapoor, an alumnus of XLRI, is the Director at Erudite Educational Centre which is the very best CAT training centre in Kolkata. Being an effective specialist who is experienceded on different problems associated with the CAT exam, Kaushik is eager to assist trainees who desire split online CAT and get picked in a leading B-School. He has actually been connected with the CAT assessment market for over a years and is a professional on different online CAT test taking approaches.


Concerning the modifications in online Cat 2017 this year, the exam will be held over a longer time period. The CAT Exam 2017 Date was performed over 10 days’ period. This year the test will be held for 20 days, starting on 27th October and ending on 23rd November 2017.


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